Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have 2 things that are very blog worthy, but no time to properly blog about them. This is the pre-blog. The warning that eventually I will, in fact, blog about them.**

In the meantime, a super fun story.

I need/want a new watch. The watch I'm currently wearing I got when I was 18 (that was a bit of a time ago). I have replaced the battery TWICE this year. THIS YEAR, 2011. That's a lot. And it's not easy, it requires a trip to a jeweler and $18 average each time.
Today my watch was running 5 minutes late by the time the day was over. I re-set it sometime last week. The date is not keeping up with the date. Meaning, today is the 29th right, right now the window shows 28. It will change to 29 tomorrow at noon. This is incorrect. No matter how many times (at least 4 this month) I change the date at midnight, it takes a day and a half to change.

In short, my watch is only barely keeping correct time.

My wish list for my new watch is very simple.

bracelet type band (slim, sleek, looks like a bracelet, happens to have a watch. nothing bulky or thicker than 2/3 in.)
Numbers.  no dots, diamonds, dashes, or my least favorite- just 4 dots. I need to tell time QUICKLY. I need numbers.
Date. Please tell me what day it is, watch.  I don't need phases of the moon and all that jazz, but I write down the date several times per day. Need.
(Yes, these features -date and time in quick digital format- are on my phone. No, I cannot whip my phone out all day while teaching 2nd grade. Also, my phone gets negative service at school. not that this has any bearing on the time, just saying. I don't have it out. )

Tonight my mom showed me several pictures of watches she had picked as possible presents for me. Each one had a flaw. None were right.
She said (frustrated with my dislike of all her choices), "what is it you DO want!?"
My answer, "This EXACT watch, but WORKING (pointing to my current watch on wrist.)"
so easy. :)

Does fossil even make this watch anymore? someone remind me to look that up...

**yes, I realize that I could have just blogged about them instead of pre-blogging. But, you know. This story was good too.  :)

so later- real blog. k.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

ugly mirror

I cannot listen to the Adele song "Someone like you" anymore. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastically beautiful song, well sung with powerful lyrics. Too powerful. It is so all about how I'm feeling about asshat that when I hear it, it's like a big mirror to my life. A big ugly mirror and I do NOT like what I see. shudder. Don't you hate that? It's been a year since I decided to stop talking to him, and 3 months since he realized I stopped talking to him and needed me back, only to snub me once again. Jerk.

In the meantime, I have lost 10 pounds from my new year's weight. 10 pounds in a year  6 months, PLUS the 7 I put on in the 6 months or so I dated SJ. Another reason he was bad for me. *to be honest, I don't feel that different. I'm only down one pants size, and I still feel fat. I have a long way to go.*
So to celebrate my loss of 17lbs since May, I signed up for match.com.  Everyone else was doing it.

It's been a day, no one wants to marry me yet. I find this quite disappointing.

Will keep you posted.
(meanwhile, I got my first message in like 3 month on my pof account. I guess when you tell the universe you are ready - or rub the "F-You" stamp off your forehead as CS says- then the universe responds. He was a dud though. Still looking...)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

no more kool aide

Day 60.
CAUTION- super crazy ahead. oh yea. you've been warned.

This has been a really rough week. Yes, it is only TUESDAY.  I forgot what this time of year was like in elementary. it's tough. I can't want for thanksgiving. mostly cuz I LOVE thanksgiving, it's my favorite. but we all need a break. apparently I need a break from my shift key.. I apologize but I'm too lazy to capitalize things. I'm waiting for my Word auto correct to take care of it for me, but it's not, cuz this isn't Word...so sorry.

I got news this week that my instructional coach at the middle school I used to be at where I used to work...
wait, no.  so this is how grammar crazy I am. even though I am not doing a super great job of capitalizing things, I totally just re-wrote that sentence. The sentence with nothing wrong you say? why yes.  "the middle school I used to be at," is not completely wrong, but my "where you at" aversion is soo strong, I HAD to go back and rewrite the sentence. I left the original so you could see. (I love the cross through feature). Yes, I'm a nut. And then, I told you about it. Like a crazy person. I need grammar AA.

anyway, moving on.

so my old instructional coach announced she is taking a position in another ISD as a promotion, and I emailed her telling her how excited I was for her.

Just a note.  when you get a promotion, and you announce it, and someone expresses to you that they are very happy/excited for you (when they didn't have to say anything) it is POLITE to RESPOND and say thank you. (cough cough asshat*cough). *remember like 4 posts ago when i said i was letting him go? yea i totally tried, but this is what happens when he comes back. i get emotionally wrecked, i try, i fail, sue me. I'm working on it. it's still common decency to respond. and not be an asshat.

ANYWAY, I spent quite some time carefully crafting my email, since i found out only because I'm accidently still on her group distribute list from last year and I didn't want her to know that. But i did profusely thank her for my amazing year last year. I hope she responds (like a decent human being, again, looking at you asshat person.) cuz that would make me feel good.

In related news, when you read an email finding out someone's loved one has passed away it is POLITE to RESPOND, that you are sympathetic. it's called manners.  this is rude and bitchy and only in here since I am currently pms-ing hard core. Sorry.

I just got lost in my own train of thought and forgot where I was going. This has been happening to me a lot lately.

oh well.

so anyway, all the girls are wearing these adorable and totally covetable tutus to school. I am wicked jealous. there is no way my mom would have ever let me go to school in a tutu and tights, since tights are not pants, i don't care how old or young you are. I want to go back in time and wear one so bad. I was going to be a toddlers and tiaras pageant princess (ultimate grand supreme of course) for halloween, and bought a tutu, but I was sick with the mini flu (thanks flu mist vaccine!) and was in bed instead. missed my chance.

which brings me to my quote of the day.   coveting a 7 year old's outfit, I said, " I am tu-tu old to wear a tutu."  which was super funny to my class (and me). and prompted one friend to say, "39 isn't that old. you could wear one."   OUCH. Do I look 39? tomorrow is pajama day. I may wear a tutu instead.

good night moon.

p.s.  I don't have a tag for "super crazy" or "grammar nazi" (and I refuse to make one) so I'm filing this under White Girl Problems. enjoy.

*update*  my old instructional coach DID respond, since she is a good and kind person (STILL looking at you asshat.)
and yes, this post is disjointed. there was another paragraph at first but it involved school business so I took it off to you know, protect my job and all. so sorry. **

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 51

Today was the 51st day of school, and at halfway to 100 days and report card/conferences done I can breathe for the first time since like day 15. I left school today before 4:30 for the first time I can remember.

So, all that is to say sorry I've been MIA. I will try harder.

Lots to say, but of course my fall allergies/sinus infection has hit me full force and I can barely function. I also got all scared of needles and opted for the flu mist vaccine instead of the shot and have been stuffy ever since.

And in case you missed it, my grandmother died last week, (most inconvenient what with the 20 mandatory report card conferences I had to do...) and that hit me pretty hard with less than zero time to actually process and cope.

I think I'm over the hump though, on the other side of half way through this semester.

see you soon friends.