Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I love bread

You know that weight watchers commercial with Jennifer Hudson- where she tells the camera that she "loves bread". Yeah it totally makes me want to punch her in the face. I've been full on paleo (ok so sometimes I eat cheese. cuz it's the bomb. but other than that totally paleo) for a month and a half now. I love bread, but honestly more than bread right now I would kill for pasta. OMG pasta. I was tutoring last week and the family was cooking pasta for dinner. I had to sit there and smell the delicious pasta smell while trying to teach this child math. I was literally drooling. But my self control is way way up. I did not have pasta that day, or any other. But man do I want some pasta.
Got another 3 weeks left to go in the biggest loser challenge at the gym. I'm doing really really well (if you don't count daydreaming about carbs). This is the longest I have ever ever been on a diet in my life. I'm making good choices, I'm cooking a lot, I'm spending tons of money on groceries (healthy food is wicked expensive), I haven't had fast food in 2 months or soda since ash wednesday. I've lost just over 10 pounds and my BMI is below 30 for the first time in 2 years. I can see my hip bones. My boobs are getting smaller!
I say ridiculous things like "butter lettuce is my favorite" I have a favorite lettuce people. I eat salads as a meal. I love cauliflower- seriously where has cauliflower been all my life!
I still have a long way to go but I feel so excited about my little wins. I really hope to win the challenge because I've been working so hard. Day after the challenge, I'm gonna have a big old bowl of mac and cheese with garlic bread. Then I'm gonna get right back on track. :)
I even spent the weekend at my parents house last week dog/house sitting. It was like temptation island- not a single there there I could eat. And yet I cooked and brought my own food and made good choices with all those carbs sitting there in the pantry. I still love bread but I am wondering why I waited so long to go Paleo. It's working, and I'm loving it. I needed this change in my life.

Things are totally rocking and rolling in 2013 and I hope the trend continues. This could be my best year ever. (and I hope I didn't just totally jinx it!).