Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm lovin' it...sorta

This card pretty much sums up my love life, and it made me laugh. I think I'm gonna do it - change my attitude to be oh yeah I don't WANT to date. So there.
My year of being on is over, and in the whole time I think I went on like 4 dates total (none of which even ended in a goodnight kiss!). So that didn't work out for me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I know meeting someone at work is out, since it's only women and children. But online dating didn't go anywhere for me either. People are saying things like, maybe you weren't on the right site, or maybe it just isn't the right time. Ok so if it's not the right time, what am I supposed to do with myself?
So far I have kept myself busy decorating my new place, and it's very nice. Very non-post grad and grown up. Almost like having a house. And I do so love my new grown up space. I almost am afraid of getting a boyfriend because I want to spend some time enjoying my new stuff before I move in with someone and have to merge my things lol. See that's that attitude shift. :)

So far on Christmas break I've done a lot of nothing. Just enjoying my peace and quiet and my grown up things.  I have procrastinated doing grades/report cards twice already and I feel like that's still Ok because I have time left yet. I know it will fly, I know. But I just don't want to.  Sister and the baby come in tomorrow and they will be here for a week so I will spend the next week hanging with the family. A family that didn't exist this time last year (sister was "just dating" the now husband, and the nephew wasn't on the radar yet)  so if anything that gives me hope that just because I'm in "Don't date December" right now, doesn't mean that I won't have my own family soon enough.
In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my new couch. :)

Happy Holidays loves.