Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back from outer space

And now I'm Back - from outer space....

I decided I am going to start blogging again, because my Doctor said I need to get some hobbies. I think writing qualifies. Plus, if I am ever going to become an internationally best-selling author, I better get to work.

Speaking of work, I have this habit this year of obsessively checking my work email from home. Why do I do this? There can't possibly be anything GOOD that was sent to me after 5:45pm the last time I checked it. Deal with/stress over parent emails at home? Good choice Sarah. Really good choice. But I can't stop. I check my work email as often as I check facebook.  Weird.

Last night I spent probably close to 2 hours organizing my pinterest pin boards. Yep, that was a good use of time as well.

Oh, I am totally going to ignor the fact that this blog has been silent for like 6 months or something. I'm going to just jump in and not try to go back and fill you in on what's been going on.

Here is the executive summary:

I still teach 2nd grade and the same school as last year.
My super cute nephew was born in July. He's adorable and I love him.
I moved to a new apartment that I hate significantly less than where I have been living. There are still maybe 10 boxes of things that aren't unpacked. I moved the beginning of August. Yep. I've been busy.
This school year has been hella hard. Not just for me, like for everyone.
It's report card conference season, so I'm a basket case (more so than usual).

OK so last bit of news -  in 30 days my 1 year subscription expires. In the year, I have been on dates with 4 men. 4. 1 I already knew from high school and I think it was a friend meet up not a date. Only 2 had repeat dates (1 I saw twice, 1 I saw 3 times). At the end of NONE of these dates did I even get a kiss. I feel like I have failed at match. Like maybe getting married is just not in the cards for me. It makes me wicked sad. So I have re-written my profile like 3 times this week just trying to get any sort of bite of interest and maybe one last date before I expire. I will not be spending money to renew my membership at this time. It's been a year, no one wanted to love me, guess I'll go eat worms.... Plus I'm kind of poor and I desperately want to get my debt paid down like yesterday so I'm not gonna pay for not dating right now. My mom paid for my first 6 months, and with the store (oh, did I mention my dad opened a post/copy/ship store in our town? And now my parents are wicked poor? like taking money out of their retirement account every month to cover bills until the store becomes profitable, no christmas, poor? Apparently it is very difficult to live on one teacher's salary. I should know, since it's what I live on too. so that happened). Anyway, with the store now my parents can't finance my lack of love life at this time.

That's all for today my friends. I'm gonna blog more. I'm gonna stress less. And now I'm going to go finish report cards, conference forms, and lesson plans (probably a 4-5 hours project). Or take a nap first. Maybe nap. :)

~ Sarah

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